Over the last few years I recognized the need for home-use products such as those that are at a full service spa. Unfortunately, many of those spa products, purchasable products, tend to have ingredients than we can’t pronounce or even know what they are!

The research began and I found myself creating spa and bath items. This led to the eventual creation of my own essential oil blends.  Family and friends then started receiving them as gifts.  I was making them frequently enough that I realized there is a real need for something all natural and therapeutic that you don’t have to go to a full service spa for.

And so it began. Cayla Boyd designed our logo, business cards, and got us started on the labels.  After we had some labeled items, Sarah Davis Photography took some amazing photos of the scrubs.

Today, Spa Essentials by Lola creates hand crafted and all natural Spa & Bath items blended with therapeutic grade essential oils to stimulate your senses and promote the ultimate at home spa experience; literally helping you to 'Relax, Breathe, & Renew' with Spa Essentials by Lola.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoy sharing them with you. While several therapeutic essential oil blends are listed on the site, I have many other essential oils available and can do custom blends to meet specific needs with minimum orders. Please contact me for details.